Blog Date March 6, 2013:
Some of my customers have mentioned that it would be nice if I included a blog on the trailer side of Mountain Valley Truck & Trailer. So here goes the launch.

After getting our road cleared out today we decided to go ahead and stay home today, no jobs at the shop and plenty to do around here.
Stay tuned as we get into some more “meaty” subjects soon.

Next topic will be Virginia Code on the inspection of Trailers.....

October 11,2013:

Big jump in dates from the first posting till now, Sorry, I will get to the legal points of inspecting trailers in Virginia shortly.

We have made a deal with Omix -Ada to be a partner  in selling  the best of Jeep accessories. We see this as a growing market especially here in the mountains where Jeeps are so practical.
Omix-Ada supplies Rugged Ridge, Precision Gear, Alloy , Outland, and a couple of other brands. With Warehouses in strategic places across the USA no one is really more than 2 or 3 days away from  the Jeep parts.

We have quite a few of the accessories in stock for the new Highly anticipated release of the all new 2014 General Motor offerings in the full size trucks, Sierra's and Silverado's , we have bed liners, drop in and Spray in. We have Rain guards, or Vent visors for the doors, stick on and In channel styles. The truck covers or camper tops are out for these trucks and they are available through special order.
Flat Tonneau covers are also available and can be delivered to the customer usually in a day or 2. There are trifolds, roll ups, and hinged, made from a wide variety of durable long lasting materials.

We also recently became " Authorized Dealers for RETRAX Brand
​​Roll Up  Tonneau Covers, stop by and see how well this unit functions. What started my curiosity into this cover is that we have now moved one for a local customer from his 2007 Chevy Silverado to his 2013 Chevy Silverado and have been amazed at how simple, yet how well designed this cover is. One of my suppliers has this same cover on his personal truck a 1999 Dodge Dakota and it has been on since 1999, so that is one long lasting roll type tonneau cover. For the person that wants to have the best, they also make an electric one.....