Spray In Liners

Dodge RAM in black

Overall rail protection package

2004 Dodge Dakota Under Rail In Red

Multi-Purpose Utility Vehicle that we sprayed.

Both done in black

  • We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • We spray more trucks than anyone else in the Area
  • We can Spray colors that are close to your truck Color
  • We spray other items also, feel free to inquire

These are the 8 most popular colors

By Cutting the holes and installing the B & W Gooseneck hitch first, then spraying the liner it gives us the opportunity to spray the cut edges of the hole thus protecting the sheet metal from rust & corrosion. Also akes a neater cleaner more Professional Installation

Another example  ABOVE edge detail for over the rail.
To the LEFT finished product in a NEW body Style GMC.Below is an example of the Dark Gray Spray in.

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